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BioProducts MD specializes in the development, marketing, and sales of exciting new bioproducts of interest to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

  Human VEGF ELISA Kit 

BioProducts MD now offering our new Human VEGF ELISA kit to accurately quantify recombinant and natural human Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) in serum, plasma, buffered solutions, and cell culture supernates.  Much scientific interest currently focuses on the VEGF protein because it is an important bioregulator of angiogenesis and vascularization.  Our 96-well VEGF ELISA kit is easy-to-run, utilizes pre-coated 8-well strips, and typically provides results in approximately 3-4 hours.  Contact us today to evaluation the newest addition to our product portfolio. 


For the quantitative determination of human granulocyte macrophage colony stimulation factor (GM-CSF) concentrations in cell culture supernates, serum, and plasma.


PEDF ELISA Kits (Cat. # PED613)

BioProducts MD is pleased to offer a high-sensitivity PEDF ELISA kit for the measurement of human PEDF in cell culture supernatants, tissue homogenates and biological fluids (vitreous, serum, and plasma). Important features, compared to other available assays, include: 

              * Greater sensitivity
              * Broader immunoreactivity
              * Speed and cost

How to Order

              * Purchase items directly from our online store (PO# or credit card purchases accepted)
              * Call us toll-free at 844-BPMDLLC (844-276-3552) (PO# or credit card purchases accepted)
              * Fax a Purchase Order to us toll-free at 866-620-8960

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